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Certification: Don’t Waste Your Time!

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Posted by Uncle Bob on terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

Source:  http://blog.objectmentor.com/articles/2010/04/27/certification-dont-waste-your-time

As I have said before, there’s nothing particularly wrong with the current mania for certification. If you want to be certified at the cost of a 2-day course, by all means get certified. If you want to certify people for attending your 2-day course, by all means hold the course and hand out the certificates. It’s all good. Make money! Be fruitful and multiply!

But be careful not to waste your time.

How could certification be a waste of time? That depends on your motive.

  • If you are getting certified in order to impress someone, like a hiring manager, or a recruiter, or your peers, you are wasting your time. Nobody worth impressing is going to find this certification impressive. Indeed, the people you really want to impress are likely to find it a bit mundane.
  • If you are getting certified in order to get hired, you are wasting your time. Nobody is going to hire you simply because of that “C”, and nobody worth working for is going to require that “C”.
  • If you have decided to hire only certified people, you are wasting your time. The population of certified people is not richer in talent, skill, or knowledge. Indeed, it may be poorer. Remember, those who have talent don’t need certification as much as those who don’t.

What part of certification is not a waste of time?

  • The primary benefit you are getting is the instruction; but be careful: There are lots of pretty mediocre instructors out there. Some of the instructors teach pretty good courses, but others are just hoping that all you care about is the certification.
  • So do a little research and find the best instructors. You may, in fact, find that some of the best instructors and courses do not offer certification. That shouldn’t stop you from considering them.

But wait, aren’t the instructors certified as trainers?

  • Sure. They paid the money and took the course to become a certified trainer.
  • But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they:
    • are a good instructor.
    • know what they are teaching.
    • have done what they are teaching.
    • are qualified to teach you.

OK, but isn’t there some benefit to the certification itself?

  • Sure. A nice piece of paper.

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