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Uma boa discussão no Linkedin – Why is IT losing control over process ?

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E respondida por um dos “papas” em BPM.


Question (by Janne Ohtonen): Why is IT losing control over process ?

One traditional way of seeing BPM is to have automation and BPMS systems to automate processes. However nowadays there is much more talk about actual intent and goals of BPM rather than automating processes.
Why do you think IT is losing control over processes? Is it that people are starting to understand that there is no point just to automate current processes, but you need to first make sure that you are doing the right things and after that automate sensibly? Or is there some other reason ?


Answer (by Charles Bennett):

I have seen way too many IT projects where process is implemented towards the end of a delivery and all too often as an after thought.

In addition, most of todays Project and Programme management methods place very little emphasis on business case and process.
Also bearing in mind:
– silo based users focus on what they are currently doing plus perception of issues as inputs to functional requirements
– vendor sales are trying to win a sale and not necessarily representing product capability accurately
– vendor delivery often dont get involved until after a deal is done
– the concept of vendor/client responsibilities is not completely aligned
– complexity of project leaves way too many stakeholders unable to make effective decisions
– cultural differences between IT and business silos laeves many gaps
– process is often not considered until late in the implementation process
– Project management think of their responsibilities as managing the outputs leaving the business to realise the outcomes – potential for massive misalignment

And I could go on………so many things going on process gets all too often forgotten!

APM, PMI and other sources still state that more than 70% of IT projects underpeform or fail ….. not really surprising!

Is this about incorporating process alignment more specifically into our delivery methodologies or is it more about encouragement towards Outcome based thinking at all stages of a project ?


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