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Announcement from Tony Benedict (President of the ABPMP International)

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Fonte:  LINKEDIN – Group: ABPMP – Association BPM Professionals (International Group)

Posted by: Filipe Pinto (VP Membership ABPMP)


My name is Tony Benedict and I’m the President of the ABPMP International. I would like to thank you for being a member of the ABPMP Group on LinkedIn.

I have exciting news that I would like to share with you!

The ABPMP has moved into our next stage of growth and maturity. We have completed phase one on branding our value propositions, CBPP® and BPM CBOK®, to support us in establishing ABPMP as the global BPM practitioner organization offering a Guide to the BPM Common Body of Knowledge and a Certified Business Process Professional certification.

The success of our global growth campaign has taken us to all continents and countries with the growth in Chapters exceeding our expectations and challenged us to reduce the number of membership types to simplify choices for individuals and put the proper focus on the Professional membership level as the core to our CBPP® program efforts.

Our continued  commitment to  executing  our  strategic  plan,  has prompted us for the first time since our inception to revise our Membership Fee Schedule :

– Professional membership $150

– Associate membership $75

– Student membership $40

We look forward to continue to serve you, and appreciate your continued support toward establishing ABPMP as the global BPM practitioner organization.

Tony Benedict
(President of the APBMP International)


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