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Business Process Excellence: Global Trends and Success Factors

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Fonte http://www.processexcellencenetwork.com/whitepaper.cfm?category=deployment-management&title=business-process-excellence-global-trends-and-succ


The results are in! SIX SIGMA & PROCESS EXCELLENCE IQ and Market Value Solutions (MVS) have completed their first Global Benchmarking Study of Trends and Success Factors in Business Process Excellence (BPE) in order to find out:

• How companies are measuring the success of their BPE initiatives,
• How businesses are using the VOC (Voice of the Customer) to identify improvement priorities, and
• What types of new approaches are working particularly well.

835 individuals responded to the survey, representing a variety of BPE roles in companies of all sizes and industries from across the globe. Among the key findings:

• 48 percent said that the VOC (Voice of the Customer) or the VOM (Voice of the Market) were the primary sources of information for driving BPE initiatives
• 41 percent reported that their BPE initiatives were explicit outgrowths of the competitive business strategies
• 76 percent reported that their BPE deployments were successful or highly successful
• 14 percent of respondents said that the most important basis for defining the success of the company’s BPE projects was the extent to which they could improve value delivery to their customers
• 49 percent of companies reward BPE performance with bonuses or other rewards
• 20 percent are using outside sources for any type of BPE accreditation

BPE deployments that are explicit outgrowths of competitive business strategies are nearly twice as effective as BPE initiatives that are not clearly aligned with competitive business strategies. And those aligned with competitive business strategies were most likely to be driven by the Voice of the Customer or the Voice of the Market.


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